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Our Team

Beverly Bronson - Founder   

British born and adventurous by nature, Beverly moved to New York City in the early 1970s and worked in magazine editing and the theater before opening up an antique store, now a beloved fixture in the East Village. She first came to Nepal in 1999 to volunteer as a social worker when she found the two abandoned brothers in 2001 who became the first two members of the House with Heart (HwH) family. Beverly served as the President and CEO of the organization. Sadly, she passed away in May of 2018.

Hem Bahadur Rai - Manager

A staff member at House with Heart since 2006, Hem manages the accounting, security, and all of the building construction and maintenance projects. He holds a BA in business and and is working on his MA in sociology.  

US Board of Directors

Colleen Boland, Chairperson

Nicola Hayward

Fred Ripley

Adam Thorburn, Treasurer

Nepal Board of Directors

Tashi  Gurung, President 

D.B.Ranapal, Vice President

Birendra Kumar Singh, Secretary

Binda Dhakal, Treasurer

Rachana Banepali

Dil Kumar Karki

Ram Chandra Kilambu

Kamala Lama  

Mina Kumari Shrestha


The US Board of Directors oversees all of House with Heart’s operations.