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                Ghar Sita Mutu         Friends With A Heart

Some experiences are beyond words. On my third visit to GSM I have returned feeling more enriched and with deeper connections with all that reside at GSM. A part of my heart and soul will undoubtedly remain there forever. Ghar Sita Mutu is truly a home with a huge heart where the children hold wisdom and love that is beyond their age. Their capacity to remain open, share, forgive, be compassionate, radiate love, joy and laughter almost has to be experienced to be believed. The depth of their unconditional love is beyond anything that I have felt and beyond words. Never have I been blessed or humbled to receive such.

As a returning volunteer I see progress and growth that has been shaped by the Founder Beverly Bronson - known as "Mummy" to all the children. She works tirelessly and without complaint on what she undertook 10 years ago. Failure is not in Beverly's vocabulary or an option. Her dedication knows no limits and GSM which is entirely funded on public donations is one of the longest surviving homes in Nepal - most don't make it to 5 years. This commitment is also beyond words - in simple Beverly is unconditional love and kindness in action. She inspires me and has shown me about being fulfilled beyond measure.

I am indebted to my two new team mates Allison and Sachin whose commitment and support to GSM and me has been tremendous.

Allison affectionately known as "Master Chef"- thank you for introducing "Bright Stars" and cookery lessons to the children- both a huge hit. On my next visit I have been promised a gourmet feast by them as they put their skills to use. Your treat of "tiffin" after The Hyatt swim was literally "the icing on the cake" as the kids don't often have the opportunity of eating out. Thank you for continuing to fund raise and support GSM on your return. I hope that the smells and sounds of Kathmandu did not overwhelm you too much and that you have been left with an experience of a lifetime.

Sachin named "Sherpa Sachin" - thank you for not only carrying my bags in the heat and dust of Kathmandu but also carrying me in my moments of doubt. Your support since I became involved with GSM in 2009 is hugely appreciated. The swim at The Hyatt that you so kindly donated will not be forgotten by the children in a long time. I too will never forget their smiles, joy and happiness on having such fun in the pool. You have left a memory that will be etched on their hearts forever. I know that for you this journey is only the beginning.

I would like to thank Katerina Bhoopal who had to pull out due to a family bereavement. She has been constantly by my side encouraging and supporting me. Kat you were really missed and we thought of you every day. Let me reassure you that the kids have not forgotten you and want to know when Katerina Auntie will be returning - I have promised them and Beverly that we will be returning together.

Thank you all for donating generously - you too have become part of the extended family at Ghar Sita Mutu. This visit has raised an astonishing £7027.01 with donations still coming in. Fund raising events are being planned for later in the year. One of the aims is to look at GSM donations being tax deductable under "CAF" [Charities Aid Foundation] and setting up an International Advisory Committee. If any of you have experience or ideas in regards to this please contact me. 

For those of you on Facebook you can see all the photos and updates on this visit on "Ghar Sita Mutu" and "GSM Friends With A Heart" page. 

I have put a selection of these at the bottom of this email.

My passion for GSM continues to grow and I return from these visits determined to contribute, return and make more of a difference - thank you for supporting this passion and me which has given these beautiful and loving children much brighter futures. 

With gratitude


Beverly's Message

"I am so grateful to Aarti for her tireless efforts on behalf of GSM and for introducing Allison and Sachin to us. My gratitude extends to all her kind family, friends, and clients who have donated and continually supported, as well of course to Allison's and Sachin's friends. Individual organisation donations from The Life Centre, Kingyo Therapy Suites, Hitchin Dental Care and Odyssey Gym Knebworth to our home has been hugely appreciated. GSM Friends With A Heart raised a staggering amount of money for us this year - US$11270. These funds will cover the home for over 3 months, paying for all expenses and includes food, gas, salaries, new school uniforms, bags and shoes for the children and a few new toys including the lovely doll house purchased last week - something that the children have never had.

The time that Aarti, Sachin and Allison spent with the children was the highlight of their school holiday - they loved all the attention, fun and games especially the swimming and the meal in the restaurant - something we rarely do. They learnt a lot too and are still enjoying many of the new games. Katerina's absence was felt by all the kids and we hope to see her soon.

Aarti and Sachin are looking into how to make GSM donations tax deductable in UK and raise my home's awareness - something that is impossible for me to do as I am in New York when I'm not in Nepal. Thank you both in advance for the time and commitment that you are giving to GSM outside all that you already do for us. I hope to be passing through UK in September on my way back to Nepal. I hope that I have the opportunity to thank some of you in person as a fund raising event is being planned.

Naturally all at GSM are delighted that Aarti plans to return in the future and we hope that she will be joined by Sachin, Allison and other friends with a heart.

Best wishes,